Star Realms Entertainment Production

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We offer relevant, thought provoking and entertaining online series to all ages and genders.

About Star Realms

Star Realms Entertainment Production is an event and talent management specialist established in 2017 and owned by Gilbert Espiritu.

It has successfully launched two editions of Man of the Philippines, a national male pageant and the two edition of Man of the Universe an International male pageant.

Over the years, Star Realms has delivered on its commitment and promises in staging events that caters to the public interest and partners with the best in the industry.

Star Realms will continue to diversify by coming up with different events that may include concerts, meet and greet, web series and others to cater to the changing taste of majority of the Filipinos and international audience.tow

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We are accepting sponsorship for our events and pageants, contact us for more information.